The Eezi-Load Cargo and Freight Solution.

The Eezi-Load Freight Solution is designed specifically for palletized or air cargo loads, plumbed into the vehicles existing air system via a safety valve system and separate reservoir, a simple control button activates a series of high precision, aluminium rollers to rise through the fitted beds. Contact us for more information about our freight solution.

Eezi-Load Freight solution

Eezi-Load Auto - Cargo Solution

Eezi-load Auto, our bidirectional rolling floor system is amongst the most versatile in the world of materials handling, able to load and off-load products of all different shapes and sizes and is not restricted to palletised goods only. A simple control switch activates a series of high tensile steel chains that drive a combination of aluminium shutters back and forth.

Eezi-Load Cargo solution

Some of the engineering solutions we offer include:

  • Forklift pusher rams, for pushing freight pallets onto conveyors
  • Scissor lifts
  • Heavy duty stainless steel roller balls, for transfer tables
  • Slave pallets
  • Transfer tables
  • Roller conveyor section
  • Forklift man cages
  • A "Forklift Buddy" for long items which have to be transferred by forklift