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We are your one-stop hydraulic company that creates hydraulic equipment and hydraulic systems. We specialise in designing shutter lifting systems for multi-level high-rises. An excellent example is the "Trump Ocean Club Hotel & Casino" in Panama City. RBES designed and manufactured the shutter lift system for the Lift Shafts and Mast, which were straight up lifts and also the far more complex systems for the Arcs.

The Arc Lifting system was required to lift the shuttering upwards, sideways and re-position it in order to form the parabolic shape with it's varying curves. Additionally, RBES has developed a wall climber which can lift shuttering or a safety netting system up to the outside of a structure.

Our design team can adapt our standard equipment to suit your specific needs or design a unique system.

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Hydraulic shutter system Trump Ocean Club Hotel

Hydraulic system (shutter) Trump Ocean Club Hotel

Hydraulic shutter system