Logistics Solutions and Logistics Equipment.

We specialise in designing new logistics solutions, logistics equipment and warehouse equipment to our clients. Our logistics engineering department are able to manufacture a wide selection of logistics equipment.

Our customers include international companies such as Schenker, SA Airlink, Swissport, African Flight Services and Mega freight to mention a few. Our highly skilled service technicians maintain logistics equipment as well as other manufacturers equipment.

Some of the engineering solutions we offer include:

  • Hydraulic scissor lifts 
  • Hydraulic driven rollers
  • Truck buffers
  • Roller beds
  • Belt conveyors
  • Transfer tables Utilizing castors or roller balls
  • Slave pallets
  • Baggage dollies
  • Baggage conveyor belts
  • Passenger boarding steps
  • ULD storage units
  • PMC pallet stackers
  • Forklift man cages

Logistics Solutions Gallery

Browse our logistics solutions gallery below to see some of our work.

ULD Loading bay system

ULD Loading bay system

Our remit was to design a system that did not interfere with the dock when not in use. Our answer was to design a platform that could be stored on top of our scissors lift!

Airport baggage dolly

Baggage belt conveyor

Low profile four way forklift PMC Slave Pallet – 8 Ton

Eezi -Load roller lift system

Whilst loading and unloading rollers lift up through the deck. For safety whilst transporting the goods the rollers retract beneath the deck

Roller beds & transfer ball tables

8 Ton hydraulic scissor lift complete with driven roller

Buffer being tested prior to delivery