Engineering and Hydraulic Company specialising in Hydraulics, Fabrication and Logistic Solutions.

Our engineering and hydraulic company uses quality engineering techniques for hydraulic's and fabrication. We offer a wide range of standard products and systems such as logistic solutions, hydraulic equipment and are able to manufacture engineering products that meet specific requirements. Our 30+ years of experience enables us to tackle a variety of projects. 

Some of the engineering solutions we offer include:

  • Logistic equipment
  • Press manufacture
  • Airport equipment
  • Design and manufacture of special purpose equipment
  • Cost effective engineered solutions
  • Hydraulic climbing systems for high rise structures

Hydraulic climbing systems

Our hydraulic climbing systems shorten construction time by providing fast and reliable vertical lifting solutions. Read more

Logistic handling systems

Reliable logistic handling systems that move your stock effortlessly through your warehouse and premises. Save hours of packing time. Read more

Airport Handling and Logistic Equipment

RBES is able to offer a complete solution to all your logistic handling requirements, either from our standard range of products or we can tailor design equipment to suit a customer’s specific needs.

We specialise in air cargo and passenger service logistic equipment.

We offer a full service from new facility design to manufacture and installation.

RBES is also leading manufacturer of heavy duty scissor lifts complete with driven roller protection barriers.

Our equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Baggage Conveyors
  • Aircraft Passenger Steps
  • Cargo Trolleys
  • Scissor Lifts
  • ULD storage units
  • Castor or Ball Turn Tables, Rotating Tables, Transfer Ball Units
  • Baggage Dollies, PMC Trollies, AKE Trollies, ULD Trollies
  • Slave Pallets
  • Winches, Hydraulic Driven Roller Buffers
  • Driven Roller Protection Barrier

Press Manufacture

RB Engineering Services is highly qualified in the design, manufacture and maintenance of high precision hydraulic presses – this includes assembly, programming and testing. Our equipment is designed to produce maximum efficiency and productivity and has long lasting durability and dependability. The RBES factory has a strong technical force and can meet any requirement from customers, such as specification and tonnage. Read more.

Our expertise also covers the following:

  • Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Hydraulic industrial Grabs
  • Hydraulic High Pressure Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Jack

Eezi-Load Cargo and Freight Solution

Our Advanced Handling Systems will partner the right combination of experience, personnel and products to provide the perfect solution to your logistic needs. The Eezi-load system is specifically designed for palletized and air cargo loads. It is plumbed into the vehicles existing air system and a control button activates a series of high precision aluminium rollers to rise through the fitted beds.

Eezi load auto, our bidirectional rolling floor system is amongst the most versatile in the world of material handling, able to load and off load products of all different shapes and sizes. Again, a simple control switch activates a series of high tensile chains that drive a combination of aluminium shutters back and forth. Read more

Design and Manufacture of Special Purpose Equipment

Implementing new technology into your business can be improved by utilising the skills of RB Engineering Services. Our comprehensive skills enable us to expand your companies concepts and follow through with the design, manufacture, commission and testing of new special purpose equipment that will improve the technology and manufacturing processes therein. We not only take pride in meeting our customer’s current requirements but offer solutions which facilitate the company with long term growth.

One of the special purpose equipment projects that we remain proud of is the shutter lifting system and high rise building lift systems for Donald Trump’s 70 story skyscraper in Panama City – The Trump Ocean Club Hotel and Casino (now known as JW Marriott Panama). 

Engineered Solutions

RB Engineering Services has been a leading supplier in cost effective engineered solutions for over 15 years. The diversity of our range of products and expertise in problem solving, regardless of your type of operation, has kept us at the forefront of preferred companies in problem solving and we can provide a perfect solution to any of your engineering or logistic needs. Our company offers value for money services at a reasonable price without compromising on our high quality. Read more

Bespoke Fireplaces

RBES has introduced a range of top quality bespoke fireplaces, which can be adapted to your personal requirements. These bespoke fire places are manufactured with noncorrosive, double combustion cast iron stainless steel and are wood burning. They may be built in or free standing and due to their unique design are exceedingly clean and leave no smoke or odour residue in your home or office.


First registered in 1981 the holding company RBES heads up a group of divisions which together boast an impressive engineering portfolio.

We are based in Jet Park, Johannesburg, South Africa, five minutes from Johannesburg's International airport and the major highways.

RBES is privately owned and follows a quality policy which every employee has signed and adheres to.

Quality Policy

  • To strive to deliver excellent quality and service
  • To give lead times acceptable to our customers without compromising on quality
  • Not to accept mediocrity in any form


  • To be well respected in our various fields of engineering, both nationally and internationally
  • To be professional and make continuous improvement in all aspects of our business


We have vacancies for a qualified:

  • Hydraulic sales rep
  • Mechanical Draughtsman